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Blog: Benefits Of Instant Hot Water Dispensers
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The benefits of instant hot water dispensers
7 September 2016 - 11:32, by Rachel Goad, in Seaton Spring, 0 comments
So why should you consider using a hot water boiler rather than just boiling the kettle? Well, having the ability to dispense boiling hot water at the touch of a button can provide convenience for any office. Plus, with the up to date technology, hot water dispensers are now even more affordable and energy efficient.
Benefits of instant hot water boilers
1 Instant boiling hot drinking water
2 Added safety
3 Filtered great tasting water
4 Energy efficient
Instant hot water - One of the biggest advantages is the convenience of instant hot water. It can be frustrating waiting around for a kettle to boiler with our modern day work commitments. Being able to quickly add hot water to a soup or easily grab a cup of tea or coffee can get us quickly back to work again. Hot water boilers can dispense up to 168 cups of hot water per hour, so even with the busiest staff kitchen, everyone can be quickly catered for.

Added safety - Health and safety is a priority for any business. Pouring boiling water from a conventional kettle can present a scalding risk. Plus lifting and pouring a kettle can be a problem for some people. By using a hot water boiler safely mounted on a countertop, equipped with a stainless steel drip tray and dispensing taps, the hot water is far less likely to cause accidental injury.

Water is filtered - The systems come with filters included which will remove any taste, odour and impurities, including chlorine. Chlorine is added to drinking water to protect it as it travels through our network of pipes. It is often the most prominent smell when you run water from your mains tap. Most people find that the water taste improves once this is removed.

Energy efficient - With the advancements in technology these systems use fare less energy than previously thought. The energy saving mode as well as a convenient integrated program allows you to control the temperature of the water to obtain energy efficiency compared to regular use of a kettle.

Therefore switching from a kettle to a hot water boiler not only reduces the amount of time spent waiting for a hot cup of water but the cost involved in production time and energy bills.
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