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Water Services: What We Do?

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what we do

Our Services

Sell & Rent Equipment
A wide selection of water dispensers for purchase or hire.
Bottle Water
Seaton Spring water is bottled at source right in the heart of the North East of England.
Maintenance & Installation
Can install, maintain and service any exisiting equipment you already own.
Contract Bottling
We are able to fill bottles ranging from 10 to 25 litre capacity in either for trade customers.
how we do

Work Process

Discuss requirments
Free site survey
Detailed quotation
Install your product
Contract Bottling
We provide 3rd party contract bottling for trade customers. We are able to fill bottles ranging from 10 to 25 litre capacity in either our own branded bottles or under our customer’s own livery. Our plant is audited by the British Watercooler Association (BWCA) and gains the highest marks annually. Situated between the A19 and the A1 we are ideally placed to supply customers in the Northern half of the UK.
Our Skills
Bottle-Fed Watercoolers
Plumbed-In Watercoolers
Water Fountains
Hot Water Boilers
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