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News: Auditor Praises Seaton Spring’s Hygiene Processes
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Sanitised Seaton Spring Water Coolers
Auditor Praises Seaton Spring’s Hygiene Processes & Cites Company For Best Practise
17 January 2017 - 10:25, by Paul Goad, Seaton Spring
Seaton Spring were visited early in 2017 by British Water Coolers Association (BWCA) Auditor Ken Driver for the Company’s annual BWCA Distributor audit. Seaton passed the audit with flying colours with Ken being particularly impressed by Seaton’s purpose built clean room where all of the company’s watercoolers are sanitised.

Seaton Spring is unique amongst the North East’s cooler suppliers by rotating their Bottle Fed watercoolers every three months. "The superior standard of water cooler sanitisation accomplished in our dedicated clean room can not be achieved when trying to sanitise at a customers site. That is why, each quarter, our customers watercoolers are rotated for a pristine machine which has been sanitised in our own purpose built clean space" explained Operations Manager Ian Roberts. "Our customers also benefit from a quick water cooler change over rather than having an Engineer on site for 20 mins per machine trying to sanitise and clean with buckets and sponges" continued Ian.

Ken was so impressed with Seaton Spring's facilities and processes that he took a number of photos to show to other Watercooler suppliers as an example of industry best practise.

Seaton Spring is the only North East watercooler supplier with this facility ensuring that their customers receive the highest level of cooler care and sanitisation.